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The producers answer

Dear reader,

I am the webmaster of an Italian portal dedicated to the tights for man.
I would like to have a feed back at a market level about the answer that the new product is obtaining.

Be aware that any received information will be published on the web portal .
I am especially curious to know the following:

  • Has the product reached an amount of sold pieces which can justify a real and continue production?
  • Are you able to identify whether the product is bought also by men?
  • What are the countries that ordered the most?
  • Are you able to determine whether tights for man are only a passing fashion?
  • If not, will tights become in a near future a product for man as well for woman?
  • Have you received requests for other female cloths being produced in a male version as well?
  • If yes, which products and are you disposed to invest in such requests?

As far as we know, Italy, place of factories of tights of great prestige does not want to deal with a production of tights for man yet, thus Italian men are forced to buy abroad or use female products, with all the problems bound to this choice.

Wear a tights produced for man, is different than stopping in the female stocking department and buy then wear a  typically feminine tight.

Have you ever been contacted by some Italian companies to import and sell your products?

I thank you a lot spending some time reading this e-mail and hope to read from you soon.

Best regards
Glieberman & Co.

Buon giorno!
Thank you for your inquiry. I have looked at your new web site and it looks great.
Here are some comments to your questions:

We have sold tens of thousands of pairs of our legwear to many thousands of customers all over the world. Our legwear used to be called ComfiLon (from "comfort" + "nylon"), but last year we made the decision to rename it "Activskin", which is a more dynamic name.
Our intent is to make a product for males only, because we don't believe that men can be as comfortable in unisex legwear as they can be in legwear that's made specifically for men.
So we don't advocate unisex legwear, we advocate  legwear for men because it fits better and is more comfortable. Men have longer legs, a lower waist, and male "equipment" in front. Our legwear is made to accommodate all those differences.
Unisex legwear cannot do it as well.

We believe that the trend for men wearing legwear is taking off.
First it started in Austria with Wolford, then in America with ComfiLon/Activskin, but now Europe is moving ahead with several other men's brands to choose from.
It's just a very small market niche now, but it's growing.
The big hosiery companies in America have no interest in this market yet. It's much too small for them. We have sold our legwear to customers in over 60 countries. The biggest markets are in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan.
Unfortunately, we haven't sold much legwear to Italy or Hispanic countries (Spain, Central and South America and the Caribbean). Men there don't seem to have much interest in it.

The trouble with men wearing legwear under slacks, is that you often cannot tell they're wearing it. If they wear socks over it, you cannot see it, so you cannot know if they are wearing it. A few men have worn legwear openly with shorts in warm weather, but not very many. Most men are insecure about wearing a traditionally female garment, but centuries ago, legwear was for men only. Times and fashions change. Whether it is a passing fashion or one here to stay is unclear. But even if it's here to stay, it's an invisible fashion! Most people won't see it.

We have received requests for body stockings, gartered stockings, briefs, shirts, lingerie, and other women's apparel, but we are focused on men's legwear for the present time. We may explore some of these in the future, especially briefs, but for now we will stay with legwear.

We have only been approached by one Italian firm, and that was for foot covers, but it's a very small market right now, so we are not interested in a relationship now. Maybe in the future.

I hope these statements are helpful. Let me know if you have more questions.

Good luck!



Hello, I am delighted to answer your questions.

  1. 1. We are very new on the market and I can tell you not much about sellings. At the moment, we produce to sell over 3 months, and after 8 weeks we will look, how much more has to be produced. We sell at the present at three internet shops in germany but there are more interested in our products, when Aurel and Adam will arrive this month.
  2. I do not understand that question
  3. As we sell only to shops, I cannot tell you, what nationalities the buyers are.
  4. We are sure, that tights for men will have a future, therefore we are here and work, it will not be a passing fashion.
  5. No, we only sell pantyhose and tights for men. We do not want to sell anything else.
  6. ./.

We know, that the italian factories do not produce tights for men, as we asked many of them to produce for us.
We weren't contacted by importers yet, but we would appreciate to export our products.

If there are further questions, do not hesitate to ask them.




Dear Mr.Gino,

thank you for your message.

Unfortunately we do not have many experiences with sale of men´s tights yet - they were introduced in our collection just 2 months ago. Our company is specialized in production of fine ladies hosiery, but considering increasing interest in men´s hosiery we decided to try also with these products (for the moment we offer just 3 items). Alhough we are really surprised by positive acceptance called out by these products (mainly from Germany). More information about our company and produced assortment can you find on .

We were not contacted by anybody from Italy so far - could you possibly help us to find a contact to some importer, wholesaler, distributor ... that would be concerned with men´s tights assortment?

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Petra Hulinova
Head of Export Department

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