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Less boring men if they use female cloths says Giorgio Armani

Corriere della Sera
October 01, 2003

The sentence is thrown there, in casual style, to margin of the long dissertation on the philosophy of the parade but you have the effect of a bomb. Because to do you exploding is also not any scamp of the footbridge but one of the maximum symbols of the Made in Italy.

According to Giorgio Armani, the only one way for the man to renew the its whip and boring clothing style is to steal, with judgement, some piece to the female cloakroom. Consistent with the thesis, Giorgio furnishes the three boys who open the female parade with the fantasy same shirts taken then from the models and confesses that you would willingly have sent in footboard the boys with the same shoes as the girls. Bad luck wants that the unprovided backstage ditches of sandals with wedges in plexiglass measures 46 grieved extra-larga: she would certainly have opened a new frontier.

Generally accustommed to male parades with transparencies and adhesions which also change the more macho than the models in the most improbable of the cocotte, would come to wonder what the news is. The news is in the fact that never no stylist, also the ones inclined to the doll man in lace and chiffon, had never had the courage to invoke the par condicio gilds before. Because the managerial gessato you are brought, cannot he put his stockings ?
Never devoted to the extremes and well conscious of the risks of every revolution, Armani does not assume sharp twistings with macchietta clear risk, but you limit yourself to wish and promote a cheerful mixing up made of papers, with something for what go besides the anonym unisex.

They remain move but also beyond which sweep to establish the stakes within which. The shoes with the heels, for instance, have already docked, and without scandal, at Chigi Palace. With a skirt to pictures in Piazza Affari they would catch you for a financier of Edinburgh. Therefore daring is necessary a po of more. For instance, if we are in summer, inspiring seafaring amalfitana in the lively collection applauded in the afternoon.

But attention, because these are heads, here Armani insists very much, what go increased the value with female attitudes.

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