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The italian's producers don't answer

November 11, 2003

Dear company,
I am the webmaster of “Non solo Collant…”. (, a portal dedicated to the tights for man.

This site, has as purpose, that to assemble the greater number of information what links to on-line shops or producing of tights for men, articles picked up from journalistic headers of all the world, (possibly translated into Italian), discussions taken by Italian forums as Al Femininile or DonnaNews or as foreign as HRC (Hosier Resource Centre), or Legwear as Unisex Fashion: discussions of people who ask the tights for man, but also who wants to leave these cloths only to the female sex.

I asked to the first producers of Unisex tights or tights for him, their expectations and the obtained results in fact about sale in these months of autumn beginning. The answers can you find to the address:

I wanted to place some question also to you, only to have the opinion of the Italian companies about you concern the future of this new "fashion".

  • Certainly, you will have received, by email, several requests for beginning a production of tights for him or unisex and will probably have also got tired to answer: On average how many requests do you receive at the month?
  • According to your opinion, is this number of requests sufficient to justify a production which goes to cover this groove of market?
  • If the answer was possibly affirmative, what are the reasons for which this does not happen?
  • An advertising countryside could, possibly television, take to a fall of the last taboos which only want the tights as a female cloth, and increase a growth of requests and therefore justify a production?
  • Giorgio Armani during the latest edition of Milan Fashion said: the way true only one for renew the whip and boring clothing men's style is to steal, with judgement, some piece to the female cloakroom, with something which goes further on of the anonym unisex.
    A grant with a big name of the fashion, it could not take to a change of mentality in the man and woman head of the third millennium?
  • We know that the industry of the stocking has known in the last few years a crisis at worldwide level (taken back from several journalistic headers and specialized sites), because of the Nude-Look new fashion, which luckily this year does not seem to collect a big success:
    Widening the field of the sales with an Unisex product, which having greater sizes, could cover also the strip of market for "big ladies", not guarantee a greater security in terms of sales?
  • According to you, this new idea of understanding the tights, it is only a passing idea or its will become in the near future a cloth also for man easily traceable in any intimate shop of or the big distribution (as success for the male's microfibre seamless intimate or the male Naked Thong)?
  • You intend to start producing an unisex tights or an specify for man?
  • Can you justify your answer?

I hope that this mail of mine is taken in consideration and not brutally trashed.

The possible Vs answers will be integrally published on website "Non solo Collant"

Advancely thanking for the time dedicated to read this mine, I take the opportunity to give you

Best regards

Gino Piccolino


Personally, we have not received any request in this sense and I think that this is indicative of the mood of the market above all since we are a company that produces for the count third more and for various marks at worldwide level

best greetings
Marketing Office
[email protected]

Calzificio Arba

Dear Gino,
The woman tights do not have anyone against indication which excludes to be worn by the men, on the contrary, from producer, I would be very happy if the man took the tights.

I wait for orders to start with the production.

Calzificio Arba S.n.c.
Via Mazzini, 13
15066 Gavi (AL)
[email protected]


Dear Sir,
I accuse receipt of your message in object and thank you for the interest shown towards our company.
I read your request and, unfortunately, I am sorry for informing you that at present the studies of an unisex tights or only from man is not included in our average/long run projects.
I thank for your attention.
Yours faithfully.
C.R.E. Calzifici Riuniti
Elli S.r.l.
Fabio Dacò
Sales Manager

I am still expecting the answers of
  • Levante
  • Pompea
  • Franco Bombana
  • Filodoro
  • GoldenLady
  • OroBlu
  • Rede
  • Sisi
  • Omsa
  • Real
  • CP International ( Sanpellegrino )

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