February 24, 2007






A collection of articles on-line published all around the world about pantyhose for man.

Gerbe presents the tights for man
Thanks to one greater request by the planet man, Gerbe always introduced a new line studied for him
Real men: in pantyhose under dressed
They are the metrosexual, a little fetish and very much males..
The editing of Qui Italia dedicates an article in first page to the tights for man.
Dynamic Life - The new pantyhose from Levče
Finally a support pantyhose also for man, because "the sore and tired legs are unisex"

Summer 2004: Men in skirt
The fashion, however creative and trendy, is anyway a business as a lot of others. When it talks to himself about female collections the problem does not place himself any more than a lot of. The women have from always a greater action freedom in the choice of the cloakroom. Different speech for the male audience.
Men in Skirt
ĢIf you have a skirt worn by a man, is not a disguised it, instead it is if you make him wear a brassiereģ. (Jean Paul Gaultier)
The man of 2004 takes the skirt
The male with the skirt? It will be the must of next season. Well then yes, stealing rimmel and kajal from the beautycase of the mate is not enough to the strong sex any more. Show off a flowing piece of hair and the enamel coloured in the nails.

Men in skirt
Acclaimed on the male footbridges for the winter and celebrated from one show to New York , the skirt to the male one is not taboo any more.
Mother, daughter send whatever they can to U.S. troops
Some soldiers get so tired of bugs and sand, they wear pantyhose under their uniforms. Others are so bored, they dig holes in the desert to watch fights between spiders.
Adam becomes Eve
After Grayson Perry received his Turner Prize last week in a size 18 embroidered satin party dress, Adam Lusher bravely decided to test the claims that cross-dressing has become acceptable.

No more 'uniformed, naive' attitudes on men's leg fashion
Continuing this column's proud tradition of public service, which dates back to when I started writing this sentence, Get Serious! now boldly tackles America's most divisive issue, namely: Leg hair.
Advice for Men
A little help from for the new users of the tights, but a big step ahead.
Never had seen on an e-commerce site giving information to man on how to choose, to put on and clean tights.
Lex Extreme Wear for man
For years men have been asking for a product similar to traditional long underwear that could increase performance both on the field and off, improve circulation, be fashionable and most of all be extremely comfortable.

The italian's producers don't answer
After almost a week of wait, I received only an answer. Compliment to the various customers care.
Pantyhose for men:
not what Nureyev would have worn
Some ideas seem destined to fail from the start. The Segway scooter. Ejection seats on helicopters. And, most recently, men in tights.
The producers answer
Have required a few information at the factories of tights for man concern the future of these cloths and their sale target. Here the answers of Collanto and Glieberman.

Fashion Milan
Less boring men if they use female cloths says Giorgio Armani
Save the melons with pantyhose
It's not annoying enough that I have to put on pantyhose every day to go to work; now I'm dressing my melons in stockings.
From the Czech Republic a tights only for man
Also the easthern Europe believe in a future of the tights for him.

How have women managed to maintain a monopoly on pantyhose all these years ?
There is nothing of more hard than sell tights for man.
Men in Tights
It seems there are lots of men around with balletic tendencies.
Pantyhose are a defensive weapon in Iraq
An article the military staff of the united states is requiring is the pantyhose.

Levée believes in the tight unisex market
Levée German company since years on the market begins the production of tights also for him
Shapings sells the first unisex pantyhose
The famous e-commerce site begins the sale of the first unisex pantyhose of the Levée.