February 24, 2007






This new Italian web site is exclusively dedicated to legwear for men.
This site is intended to become a focus of news, initiatives, and products related to this new trend in male fashion. Its objective is to eliminate the inherent taboo and to encourage this fashion to develop as a stylish and emancipated way to dress for the man of the new millennium .

From Gerbe the tights for him
Strongly of the continuos expansion of the phenomenon, Gerbe introduces the line for man
The tights for man arrive in Italy
Tights for men arrive to Italy. Nirvana Fashion concluded a partnership agreement with Comfilon ACTIVSKIN Legwear.
Project "Legwear for man"
Would you like the tights to become a male cloths?

The project "tights for man" start today.

help wanted !!!
You can translate from English or Italian to your mother tongue and vice versa, you want to help me increase the site with local fresh news and discussions taken by forum? Please write to me to Non solo Collant
True men: Under the dress the tights. dedicates an article to the tights for him. All the details to the following link: True men: Under the dress the tights
The man of 2004 takes the skirt
Acclaimed on the male footbridges for the winter and celebrated from one show to New York , the skirt to the male one is not taboo any more.

Italian's producers don't reply
After almost a week of wait, I received only an answer.
Evona looks for distributors
Evona looks for importer, distributors and wholesalers for their products. You can write to Petra Hulínová
The producers answer
Have required a few information at the factories of tights for man concern the future of these cloths and their sale target. Here the answers of Collanto, Glieberman and Evona.

Fashion Milan
Less boring men if they use female cloths says Giorgio Armani
Melons in pantyhose
The pantyhose in the garden to defend the melons from the attack of the parasites